Alarm Verification in Jamul

When an alarm goes off in your business, it is typically a false alarm. However, when it is a true need, response times from authorities can be slower. In some cases, by the time they have gotten to the location, the theft and damage are already done. When it comes to alarm verification in Jamul, you want to know that the alarm is truly something that needs police or fire presence. That’s where Endless Communications, Inc. comes in. With alarm verification, you can cut back on the false calls and have protection there when it is essential.

What is Alarm Verification?

Alarm verification is simply the means of confirming that an alarm that has been triggered is an actual emergency. For example, you could look at the footage of your mobile device or computer’s location when you have remote access installed. This system alerts you to an issue; you can confirm or decline it, then the proper authorities are notified.

Why Not Let the Alarm Go Off?

The problem is that police forces and fire services are often short-staffed or on higher priority calls. When an alarm goes off for theft, it may not have a police presence until 45 minutes later. In that instance, the damage has already been done, and your property may already be gone.

Another issue is that you can be charged for false alarms. When the police come out to the location, a fee is assessed if it continues to happen. Having confirmation in place can reduce the charges for false alarms and have the presence there when needed.

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