Cable Infrastructure Rancho Mirage

Your cable infrastructure in Rancho Mirage is crucial when designing or upgrading your telephony and data systems, particularly if you’re combining the two, such as in a VoIP system. From the outset, it’s a good idea to design a flexible and scalable system so that you can do so if you would like to make changes in the future. Your infrastructure is vitally important because it delivers important information to your end user.

What Is Cable Infrastructure?

Your cable infrastructure is the building block to both your data and telephony system. If they are designed poorly from the outset, then you are likely to always have technical issues. This is the backbone of your network, and it’s important to get it right. Here at Endless Communications, Inc., we can help you decide on your cabling and what will work best for your company.

There are several different types of cables: twisted pair cables, fiber optic cables, stacking cables, thin and thick coaxial cables, and AUI cables. You can also mix and match cable types. If you already have an existing installation and are going through with an upgrade, you can upgrade a different cable type on top of another one to simply improve the system. We can help with that. New installations are often a mixture of twisted pair cables with fiber optic cables. This allows for long backbone connections and allows you to upgrade later, which can be essential, as technology does change.

We can help you decide on whatever cable infrastructure in Rancho Mirage you may need for your business. Simply give us a call at Endless Communications, Inc. at (949) 390-5870, and we can help you pick cabling that suits your needs.