Cabling & Certification Palm Springs

Structured cabling is part of your network and communications system. Your business needs to know your cabling system is going to work the way it should. At Endless Communications, Inc., we use certification technology to guarantee your system is working flawlessly. Get in touch with us regarding cabling and certification in Palm Springs to set up a time for a consultation!

Cabling Infrastructure Testing

When we install the structured cabling infrastructure, we test the connections as we go. It ensures all cables are working as they should. When everything is installed, we do additional testing on the cabling infrastructure to ensure everything is working correctly.

FLUKE Testing

In the cabling network industry, there are professional tools used to do the job well. FLUKE testing products are top-of-the-line, and we use these testing products to guarantee our structured cabling infrastructure certification services.

Cabling Certification

Once your structured cabling system is fully installed, we then test and certify everything. We leave nothing to chance. If the system passes the stringent testing phase, we issue cabling certification.

High-Quality Testing Products

We use only the highest quality testing products to determine if there are any problems, such as:

  • Fiber optic cable system loss
  • Improperly lain wiring
  • Damaged cables

When the testing is complete, Endless Communications, Inc. then certifies your system. We adhere to the industry’s highest standards and settle for nothing less than a 100% operational communications system.

Contact Endless Communications, Inc. for all your commercial network and communication needs by calling (949) 390-5870. We are here to help with cabling and certification in Palm Springs you can count on.