Commercial Building CAT5 Cabling Installation in Arcadia

Choosing the right cabling for your building can seem like a daunting task to handle. However, if you work with the professionals at Endless Communications, Inc., that is easy! We take the stress out of figuring out the proper cabling, installation, and service. We provide professional commercial building CAT5 cabling installation in Arcadia to help your network work as smoothly as it can.

Learn more about CAT5 below and how it may be the right choice for your situation.

What is CAT5?

This has been one of the most utilized cables for connecting to the internet across the board. It is made up of pairs of copper wiring that have been twisted together. You may already have some of this in your office or commercial industry building right now.

CAT5 can handle around 10/100Mbps when the bandwidth is at 100Mhz. There are two versions of this cabling as well. CAT5 is the oldest one, with CAT5E being the newer, faster wiring.

Installation of Cabling

This type of cabling is good for certain commercial buildings. It is great for internet speeds that do not need to be lightning-fast. They cost less than more updated versions and can still provide you with a great connection throughout the office and the web. Our technicians will come to your location, evaluate the current setup, and help you decide which cabling is right for your internet and networking needs.

This type of installation is great for those smaller locations that don’t need the bandwidth or speed of larger manufacturing companies or businesses.

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