Fiber CAT6a in Pico Rivera

Deciding what type of fiber cabling to installing in your business can be quite confusing. There are many options out there, and they can all start to run together after a while. That’s why so many companies turn to the experts at Endless Communications Inc. We take care of the logistics and design to do what you do best and run your company. One of the services we offer is installing or upgrading your current setup to the fiber CAT6a in Pico Rivera. Whether you have CAT5 or CAT6 already, there are some benefits to utilizing this newer advancement.

Take a look at some of the advantages below, some information you should be aware of, and how we can help you in installing your cabling today:


One of the major benefits of this type of installation is the increase in speed it can provide. This works well for those who need to utilize PoE in their company. This type of cable is also designed to help with noise cancellation and set frequencies up to 500 MHZ. You’ll have less interference on the line with this fiber cabling versus others.


We like our clients to be aware of a few things to consider when going with fiber cabling. The main thing to keep in mind is that the cables are much larger than their counterparts. This could mean you need to rethink your laddering or the space you have for this type of wiring.

Our Service

We can design the best cabling layout for your location, install the proper structure and cables, and have your new system up and running sooner than you may think.

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