Fiber Optic Installation & Termination Mecca

If your company is tech-enabled and heavy Internet users, fiber optics allow the fastest Internet connections possible. Fiber optic installation requires professional installation by a company that has specialized training. It can require building and construction permits to be requested. Endless Communications, Inc. works closely with your business, so you know exactly what the deadlines will be, the costs, and what to expect with fiber optic installation & termination in Mecca.

Fiber Optic Cables

There are different types of fiber optic cables available to businesses. These include:

  • Single Mode – Single-mode fiber provides your company a higher transmission rate. It also provides up to 50x more distance over the multimode.
  • Multimode – Provides high bandwidth for your company at high speeds covering medium distances.

Fiber Optic Terminations

It is imperative to have proper fiber optic termination when a fiber-optic network is being installed. Without this function performing correctly, the network can be unreliable. Termination of the cable ends is an essential part of a proper network setup of any company IT infrastructure. At Endless Communications, Inc., we understand low voltage structured data cabling for business offices.

Professional Installation and Termination

We assist companies that need a new fiber-optic network system or have a poor fiber optic cable setup. Our networking team keeps your business running smoothly and well connected with wireless and wired networks. Your office and its network communication are vital to your business, so do not just put them in the hands of a random business. Let the experts at Endless Communications, Inc. handle your fiber optic installation & termination in Mecca system. Contact us at (949) 390-5870 for more information on how our team can help!