IDF Buildouts (Intermediate Distribution Frame) Coto De Caza

When you have a networking system set up, one of the most important components within your infrastructure will be the main distribution frame or MDF. What the MDF does is connect all of your outbound Ethernet cables to the hardware devices that you need to use for all of your work. This means your internet, modem, switches, and Power over Ethernet or PoE. However, some companies may need extra support within their infrastructure, and this is when they consider IDF buildouts (intermediate distribution frame) in Coto De Caza.

What Is an Intermediate Distribution Frame (IDF) Buildout?

Typically, the length of a CAT 5 cable is 285 feet. If your device is more than 285 feet from your main distribution frame, or you have a large building with multiple devices on many floors, how do you solve the problem of having these devices reach the MDF? This is when you add an IDF buildout to your infrastructure. At Endless Communication, Inc., we can help you decide exactly what type of MDF system you need and what IDF buildout you need to complement it. Typically, to solve this problem of the 285 feet, you would pull a fiber optic cable from the MDF and set up an IDF in the direction of the device that requires a connection. Buildouts typically consist of two- or four-post ladder racks for patch panels, server cabinets, and the like.

At Endless Communications, Inc., we can help you decide if IDF buildouts (intermediate distribution frame) in Coto De Caza is right for you and where the key points are to install them. Contact us today at (949) 390-5870 to set up a consultation.