Install Commercial Low Voltage Wiring in Lakeland Village

Install Commercial Low Voltage Wiring in Lakeland Village

Install Commercial Low Voltage Wiring in Lakeland Village

Need to install low voltage wiring in Lakeland Village? Endless Communications is here to help – Give us a call right away!

Surveillance systems, WiFi, telephones, cables, customer interface, and audio/video systems are all low voltage systems commonly used in offices. But you already know this. What you might not be aware of is that all these systems are run using low voltage wiring. That’s why, at Endless Communications Inc., we take your low voltage systems very seriously.

Common Low Voltage Cable Types

  • Unshielded Twisted Pair (UTP) cables are unshielded and twisted to form pairs. This cancels out the interference from both cables as well as external sources. These are mostly used for LAN networks and have high electromagnetic compatibility.
  • Fiber optic cable has an insulated casing that covers strands of glass fibers inside. It is used for long-distance and high-performance cabling infrastructure.
  • Coaxial cables (coax) are used for internet, data, voice, and video transmission and communication. They have an inner conductor surrounded by an insulating layer, which is then covered with conductive shielding. This helps the wire transmit high frequencies or broadband signals.
  • Security system cables commonly have a sheath that covers 2-10 conductor wires. These wires have an 18-24AWG. 

While commonly used, these are a few of the wire features to look out for when building your low voltage infrastructure.

Grounded or Ungrounded?

Any system that operates below 50V is required to be grounded. However, low voltage wiring is typically below 50V and thus can be grounded or ungrounded.

If all this talk of cabling systems has got you confused, don’t worry. At Endless Communications Inc., we’ve been studying wiring and cabling infrastructures for a long time. We can help you design effective low voltage wiring in Lakeland Village. Call us for more information at (949) 390-5870