MDF Buildouts (Main Distribution Frame) Placentia

For any telecommunications or data company, MDF buildouts (main distribution frame) in Placentia is the entire infrastructure’s lifeline. In fact, for any business that requires data, the MDF is vitally important. Your MDF is the main distribution point for all your telecommunications cabling throughout your entire building, and ensuring it’s up to date, configured correctly, and working properly is vital.

What Does the MDF Buildout (Main Distribution Frame) Do?

Technically, the MDF is a termination point where exchange equipment is connected. In simpler terms, it is responsible for telephony and data throughout the entire building and is usually comprised of large racks and large termination blocks. It is typically located in the basement or other out of the way place within an organization. Most often, companies need IDF buildouts (intermediate distribution frames) to extend from the MDF to connect the MDF to devices it needs to serve (such as the internet, etc.).

If you’ve recently moved into a new building or need an MDF upgrade, we can help here at Endless Communication, Inc. Our tech professionals can help you decide on location, structure, framing, and cabling when it comes to both your MDF and IDF decisions. We can help you decide what type of cabling is best for your business, such as CAT 5 or CAT 6, and how to build your infrastructure or design your upgrade.

To learn more about MDF buildouts (main distribution frame) in Placentia and how we can help you with an upgrade or complete build, call Endless Communications, Inc. today at (949) 390-5870. We are happy to answer your questions or set you up with a consultation.