Understanding Your Outside Plant Campus Cabling Options

Understanding Your Outside Plant Campus Cabling Options

Understanding Your Outside Plant Campus Cabling Options

Taking a look at outside plant campus cabling, every pathway will come with a unique set of design requirements. For the most part, designers and installation teams dealing with telecom networks will handle the wiring on the inside of the building and with the structured wiring outside. Any wiring on the external portion of the building is known as outside plant cabling.

An exterior cabling system is often defined as a type of telecommunications facility that is on-premises and generally set up connected with the datacom or information system. This is usually a requirement for larger facilities like universities, hospitals, industrial plants, and research centers. These outdoor wiring systems have the capacity to support a broad range of communication services. This includes data and telephone transfer, security, live video, building automation controls, security, and other low-voltage circuitry.

Do You Need To Expand Your Reach?

You have the ability to boost the reach of your enterprise network and cabling systems with the help of an outside plant cable (OSP). This cable system can run overhead or underground, allowing you to expand networks across a large campus outdoors.

With the outdoor ratings, an OSP cable is different than the indoor-rated traditional fiber or copper cabling. The OSP has the ability to handle performance regardless of the harsh conditions. It can stand up to moisture, temperature variances, flooding, and remains resistant to tearing and abrasion.

Structures will move, settle, and crack as they age. In order to combat this, you need high-quality cabling that will be able to handle the outdoor conditions and impact of the environment. If you are interested in expanding your reach with networking using OSP, we are always here to help at Endless Communications.

Why Call Endless Communications?

We will tell you that not all OSP cables are exactly the same. Every cable is crafted for a specific purpose, and our team will gladly go over your needs and make sure that you have the ultimate installation to bring you the long-lasting results you are looking for. When we consult with you regarding your cabling, we consider the following:

  • National Electrical Code ratings like CMR and CM
  • Performance stability that ensures your cable will perform regardless of the environment
  • UV resistance to prevent the rays of the sun from harming the outer jacket of the cabling
  • Temperature variances, even when subjected to extreme heat or cold
  • PoE compatibility and other recommendations for digital buildings and outdoor cabling

When you need outside plant campus cabling, we are here to help at Endless Communications. Call (949) 390-5870 for more information.