Commercial and Industrial Keyless Entry Systems in Escondido

Gone are the days that lock and key were needed to protect your business from intruders. You don’t have to hand out a set of keys any longer to employees. Know you can have commercial and industrial keyless entry systems in Escondido from Endless Communications, Inc. This system allows you to get a great return on your investment, protect your information and location, and save money in the long run.

How This System Works

This system allows you to enter a room or building with an access code or even a card in basic terms. This system takes away the need for keys and only allows those with the proper authorization to enter the area.

Benefits of Keyless Entry

Simple To Manage – Think about each time an employee leaves the location. With traditional keys, you have to have the locks changed and keys reissued. With this system in place, it’s as simple as revoking their entry access when needed.

Better Security – People can’t make a key to come in for someone else or even pick the lock. This offers better security for your commercial site.

Knowledge – If there is ever an audit of information or a problem with an area with traditional systems, you may never know who opened the door when. However, with a keyless system, it can keep track of all codes entered and what times.


Installing this system in your building is easier than you may think. The expert installation tech will arrive at the location, go over the areas you need to be secured, and provide you with the unique design to fit your site. The installation is fast and reliable and provides you with the utmost security for your industry.

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